The Culture of Total Beauty

La Biosthétique is the combination of life and beauty, bios and aesthetics. As the European leader in luxury cosmetics, La Biosthétique’s 70 years of research and development has enabled the Paris-based company to put harmony and beauty first. Crafting beautiful products for hair care, skin care and make up. That simply is our Culture of Total Beauty philosophy; weaved together with state-of-the-art research and natural ingredients which mimic our body, designed to deliver performance, premium service packaged with the most meticulous care and of course, our family.

All of our products are created from natural, pure ingredients which work in harmony with our own bio-chemistry. With our heart and soul headquartered in the world capital of beauty: Paris; and our state-of-the-art laboratories in Germany, La Biosthétique blends luxury Parisian service with German technology for the most effective, exquisite and exclusive products in the hair and beauty industry.
La Biosthétique continues to be and will proudly remain, free of animal testing.

Tailored individually for every kind of hair – specifically, for YOUR hair! The new and exciting hair care & styling world of La Biosthétique features a versatile, precisely defined product range with specifically- created aromas sure to delight and uplift the senses.

Did you know that the secret to great looking hair is a healthy scalp? And the key to a healthy scalp is a professional assessment with tailored hair care just for YOU.

Hair loss, greasy hair, itchy, flaking or tight scalps can all be signs of an imbalanced scalp environment. La Biosthétique has developed a Scalp Check Kit to instantly diagnose the pH balance, dandruff and sebum levels of the scalp. Our professionally trained stylists will gently press scalp indicators against your scalp and will compare the results to accurately prescribe the right hair care regime and scalp treatment so your scalp returns to peak condition.

From the creamiest blondes and most sultry brunettes, to vibrant reds, La Biosthétique color stands above! Delivering perfect stay-fast color alongside signature care and protection. With exceptional color vibrancy, you can expect the softest, shiniest results. Designed by bio-chemists for hyper-vibrancy and refined by dermatologists for extreme scalp care, the La Biosthétique Tint and Tone Advanced Color System gives salon professionals the world’s first complete Color Care Ritual. Powered by aloe vera, camomile, coconut oil and Japanese berries, the 8 step color care system ensures clients’ comfort.

Get glowing and see results with La Biosthétique’s naturally derived skin care products and treatments. Using dermatological research and innovative bio-technology, La Biosthétique’s products effectively treat a wide range of skin types and conditions, such as:
  • Aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles & loss of elasticity
  • Dehydrated, dry skin
  • Sensitive & irritated skin
  • Oily, acne prone skin
Come in for a complimentary skin Identi-Test with one of our professionals and discover which system is perfect your care needs. Recommended 3-4 times per year, after all – as the seasons and life changes, so does your skin!

La Biosthétique offers a make-up collection that perfectly blends high quality skincare with trend- driven colors. The line includes a wide range of products, textures and colors that are always based on current fashions and offer something unique for every modern woman.

Founded in 1947 by Marcel Contier, La Biosthetique was born from the passion to create hair and beauty products that work in harmony with our own bio-chemistry. By blending the luxury of Parisian service with German technology they have created the most effective, exquisite and exclusive products in the industry. Radiant skin, beautiful hair, and total beauty is the consistent result.

For more than fifty years La Biosthetique Paris has maintained a reputation for quality products. With the makeup collection that perfectly blends high quality skin care with driven colors, they have completed the Total Beauty Concept.

Butter London is a leading nail lacquer brand and produces an array of high-performance cosmetics. We’re particularly drawn to the vibrant colors of their nail lacquer products and apply them for our manicures and pedicures. Lacquers and polishes are available in a variety of colorful shades and can be matched to accentuate your features. Ask a stylist about our beauty products today!


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